Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings

In comparison with conventional steel buildings

Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings are more economic than conventional steel buildings due to saving materials of main frame components at area where strength-resistant is low, especially low-floor building having the width of buildings under 60 meters and height of roof fringe under 30 meters. Moreover, systems of steel PEB only use standard designed connection and are pre-determined materials to design and produce house structures.
Therefore, design time, production and erection are considerably reduced.

In comparison with other building types:

-Its weight is lighter than other materials’ weight that helps reduce pressure of loading capacity.
-Saving auxiliary materials (compared with traditional fixed houses)
-Simple and quick erection, despite any weather condition.
-Salvaging maximum space of factory.
-Having good uniform.
-Being easy to widen scale.
-Saving time and money.

Especially, steel PEB is watertight thank to using standing roof system, water leakage components and flashing. This is greatly flexible house system that allows to equip inside for satisfaction on any purpose and to decorate outside for satisfaction on beauty architecture design.

Thank to all above convenience, steel PEB is an ideal kind of house to build factory, warehouse, exhibition house and supermarket….